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Seems Fanfiction.net isn't as intelligent as I'd hoped. I came home today to find myself unable to access FF.net. Consultation with a few people online told me it was my issue, and not a site-wide thing. A check on my phone with the 3G on told me that it was likely my IP address, and not a localized thing.

I spend the afternoon in the library, saving my reviews, author alerts, and favorites, in case my account was about to be deleted. Upon arriving home, I found FF.net access was fine, so I am unsure if it's a ban or if it was some other issue.

As of five minutes ago, I joined YourFanFiction.com. This site is in its infancy, but aims to fix many of the issues plaguing FF.net. It allows MA stories, most importantly to my readers.

I know I can't outright abandon my FF.net readers, so, as long as my profile isn't deleted, stories will remain there. I will be contacting each of my readers with notes on how to access my other accounts, and will begin simultaneously posting new material on AO3, YFF.com, and my Dreamwidth and LJ accounts.

One week later, FF.net gets the updates.

The purpose of this delay is to force my fandom to leave this thoroughly unsatisfactory site. I don't expect AO3 or YFF to replace FF.net immediately, but I think it should be the goal of every fandom to show FF.net that its practices are completely incompatible with the notion of "fandom." You can't pick and choose. And you certainly shouldn't expect a profit if you do.

I encourage all current users of FF.net to install AdBlock Plus for use against FF.net. It's revenue is entirely based upon advertisements and I am, quite frankly, sick of them profiting off my work, and then telling my that some of my work isn't pure enough.


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